Stuck Inside with COVID Restrictions? This DIY Candy Cane Ornament Project Will Lift Your Spirits!

Do you remember making beaded candy cane ornaments in school or your respective boy or girl scout troops as a child? A classic DIY project for all ages, these little, holiday-themed ornaments make the perfect addition to any Christmas tree, holiday mantle decoration, or seasonal gift, and it’s a fun activity for your children now to enjoy during winter break. All you need are a few, easy-to-find items from your local craft store to get started! Check out the directions below:


• Red pipe cleaners
• Red pony beads
• Ivory pony beads
• Rustic metal stars
• Checked fabric
• Scissors
• Hot gun & glue


1. After gathering supplies, begin stringing the beads onto a pipe cleaner, following an ABAB pattern. When your pattern is complete, curl the edges of the pipe cleaner over the beads on the end.

2. Cut a small slit in your fabric, then rip the fabric to create one long strip. Repeat until you have enough for all of your candy canes.

3. Trim the strips into six-inch strips, fraying the freshly cut edges by pulling out several strings.

4. Tie the fabric onto the candy canes, and hot glue a metal star to the middle of each knot.

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