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These 3 Activities in Houston Will Be Fun to Revisit Once Quarantine Is Over

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Remember when social distancing was an unknown phrase, and quarantine was just a word you heard in movies, like Contagion? There was also a time when you could come and go from your house as you pleased, visiting friends and family, patronizing all of your favorite businesses, and enjoying life as the social butterfly you are. Unfortunately, times are weird and challenging right now, but it’s still quite nice to daydream about what life may look like when things return to some version of “normal.” So, what would your first day “back to normal” look like in your city of Houston, Texas? Here are 3 of our favorite suggestions!

Visit one of Houston’s many live music venues.

As things get back to whatever the “new normal” will look like, many Houstonians cannot wait to revisit their favorite local music venues for some live music. The Continental Club, The Music Box Theatre, and Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge are just a few! Pair any show with a cold beverage and singing along to your favorite songs with a crowd a people, and it just makes for some pre-pandemic magic that we can hardly wait to experience.

Dive back into the diverse local food scene, including festivals.

Many locals will also want to make reservations at their favorite restaurants with their closest friends and family members. While some of us have continued dining out, many of us have preferred the takeout or delivery, so it will be fun to get out and experience the food scene like it once was to some degree. This also includes Houston’s many food festivals, like Taste of Soul, OMG Food Fest!!!, and so many more.

Immerse ourselves into the nightlife scene once more.

We all miss going out, which includes a spectrum of activities from dancing out your latest work stresses at the Alley Kat on Thursday nights with Waxaholics and karaoke at The Secret Group to running into old friends at The Dirt Bar and the Bounce And Turn pop-up events thrown by Amy Muller. Houston is about collaboration, culture, and innovation, and it doesn’t have to end with COVID-19. We’re ready to get back out there!

At Westmount at London Park Apartments in Houston, Texas, our goal is to help you maintain a balanced life. The first step? We promise to keep you up-to-speed on fun activities, creative arts and crafts projects, and new recipes that you and your family are sure to love.

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