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Detox at Home with These Three Easy-to-Implement Ideas

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We all fall victim to rich food and drink at some point or another, whether it’s during the holidays, over a particularly indulgent weekend, or while self-isolating at home. Though delicious, these foods can contribute to bloat, extra weight gain, and general fatigue – all of which can take a toll on your day-to-day routine. Fortunately, there are ways to detox at home, without spending a ton of money. Try these suggestions and see how much better you’ll feel!

Reach for plant-based meals.

You know that vegetables are key to a well-balanced diet, but did you know that they can also help you detox your body naturally? A plant-based diet is like spring cleaning, except you’re focusing on yourself and eating fresh fruits and veggies to cleanse your system. Get in the habit of ordering salads when you dine out, and at home, try your hand at plant-based recipes, like green smoothies and zucchini noodles with tomato sauce. Trust us— you will feel revitalized after adding these good-for-you plants back into your diet.

Drink warm lemon water.

Water is crucial to a healthy diet. It restores your body and keeps your organs working as they should. That’s why, if you want to detox, you’ll need to consume plenty of water – and preferably with a touch of lemon. Lemons contain a high amount of vitamin C, soluble fiber, and plant compounds that aid in weight loss and reduce digestive issues and kidney stones. Not to mention, drinking warm lemon water helps your digestion, flushes out toxins, and cleanses the liver. Pour a tall glass of warm lemon water and enjoy these benefits for yourself!

Try intermittent fasting.

The idea of fasting might scare you, but believe it or not, there is a way to detox without depriving yourself of food. Intermittent fasting allows you to eat meals and snacks within an eight-hour timeframe, such as 12 PM to 8 PM. When you’re outside of that time frame, you can have only water or other low-calorie beverages, like coffee or unsweetened tea. Though you shouldn’t fast too much, doing it sparingly can help you reset your digestive system when the need arises.

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