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Late to the Halloween Costume Planning Party? Here Are Some Great Ideas for Your Little One

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With COVID-19, you might find yourself at the end of October with not much planned for Halloween, including your child’s annual costume. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though – many parents are finding themselves in the same position in 2020. Even if your child just had a change of heart about their initial Halloween attire, which happens quite frequently, there’s a way to overcome any last-minute plans or changes – and that’s by opting for an easy, homemade costume option. Below, you’ll find 3 totally do-able, totally adorable Halloween costumes for your kiddo that require little time or supplies.

Hippie – It’s all about peace and love, man! Plus, this unisex option is super creative comfortable for any Monster Mash that your little one might be attending inside or outside of their classroom this year.

What You'll Need:

• Tie-dye shirt
• Blue jeans, like bell-bottoms
• Colorful bracelets and necklaces
• Round sunglasses
• Facepaint

Scarecrow – Frightening or friendly, scarecrows are another great unisex costume option that only takes a few everyday pieces of clothing, along with corn husks and eyeliner – making this one a no-brainer!

What You'll Need:

• Plaid shirt
• Jeans
• Boots
• Floppy hat
• Corn husks
• Black eyeliner

Bubbles – Perhaps the most creative suggestion on our list, this costume is both fun and original. And, what kid doesn’t love a bubble bath? Just make sure to blow up enough balloons to cover the shirt!

What You'll Need:

• Plain white long sleeve shirt
• Plain white leggings
• Plain white shower cap
• White balloons
• Clear balloons
• Bath toys or a rubber duck
• Tape or safety pins

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