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Eliminate Your Cable Bill with One of These 4 Alternatives

How many times have you heard someone complain about having hundreds of channels through their cable subscription, but still nothing worthwhile to watch? Believe it or not, the average U.S. home now receives an average of 189 channels – a record high and significant jump from 2008 when the average home received only 129 channels. Despite the increase, however, consumers have consistently turned into an average of 17 channels. This begs the question – is there a better, most cost-efficient way to get your TV and movie fix? Check out our suggestions for 4 cable alternatives below!

Sling TV

For 20 bucks a month, you can use Sling TV to stream the most-watched channels around, while leaving the ones you don’t care about behind. ESPN, AMC, Cartoon Network, and TNT are just a mere sampling of the options included in Sling’s main package. You can also purchase additional packages, depending on your TV taste and habits, for only an extra 5 bucks a month.

Video Streaming Services

Video streaming services have become all of the rage in recent years, and they are a pretty sweet alternative to cable TV. Stream movies and TV of all genres, lengths, and varieties on platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and more for a low cost each month. Just don’t subscribe to too many subscriptions at one time, or you’ll soon rival your cable bill!

Library Rentals

Libraries have always maintained an impressive, up-to-date selection of DVDs to choose from. You can find everything from classic films to modern TV favorites, like Gray’s Anatomy or Black-ish, which were typically donated by kind patrons looking to digitize their collections. Best of all, due dates tend to be pretty lax – unlike video rental stores of the past – so, late fees are typically inexpensive and even rare.


The popular streaming site, YouTube, definitely goes above and beyond just funny cat videos. There are vlogs, music videos, documentaries, educational resources, and even feature-length movies! If you subscribe to YouTube premium, you can enjoy all of their content – along with YouTube Music Premium—ad-free and available for download for only $11.99 per month!

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